Slimming and shaping slimmer with waistband - Ref.6299

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With integrated waistband to adjust your size... As you lose weight!


Underbody bodysuit with powernet sash-waistband

Colors: Black, natural and white

S/M up to 65Kg. L/XL up to 80Kg.


Tasha is the best combination of enhancing your figure, feeling comfortable, happy and attractive!
This modeling and reducing stylizer with multiple benefits, enhances the buttocks, shapes the crotch, reduces waist measurements, reduces post-partum pain, gives stability to your back correcting posture, for daily and post-operative use.
It has a powernet waistband glued to the front, with four-position snaps to adjust the desired size and compression.

Anatomical design to reduce measurements and stylize the figure.

With powernet in the abdominal area, lined with anti-allergic cotton.

Free bust with deep neckline, with four-position straps for graduating the size.

Perineal opening that makes it easier to go to the bathroom without removing the girdle.

Special for after abdominoplasties, also called abdominal surgeries or dermolipectomy.
For after massages and lymphatic drainage, they are the guarantee of a long-lasting result without future complications.

Lifts the tail naturally.

Half-leg shorts with gradual effect.

Reduces measurements, corrects posture.

Tips for fitting your girdle:

 You must have a dry and oil-free body. 

Be careful with fingernails, jewelry and sharp objects.

Hold the garment with your fingertips.

1. Roll up the garment on both hands and identifies the front and back.

2. Sit down, put the garment on from the bottom up, one leg at a time, and pull it up to your knees.

3. Stand up, Spread your legs and pull up the garment with even force until you reach the final position.

4. Accommodates the garment, stretch it towards the waist or torso and check that it is not rolled up in the back.

Give your body comfort and security!

Composition: 75% Polyamide 25% Spandex

*For hygienic reasons we do not accept exchanges on this garment !
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Additional information

Weight 240 g

White, Natural, Black